Inclusion Policy


Inspired by Wonder Inc. accepts children with all abilities into the program. Our waitlist identifies children with additional support needs to ensure supports are in place upon enrolment. We have applied and received exemptions on our license to accept and meet the needs of children from other community areas and attending other schools of all children and families needing child care. We arrange our learning centres so that all children can reach and use the various materials. We have purchased additional toys and equipment to meet the needs of all the children enrolled. Our facility is wheelchair accessible. Adjustments are made to routines and transitions to make learning experiences positive for all children and all children are represented in our program through mediums such as posters, pictures, books and toys.


Goals for children with additional support needs are carried out during play experiences with peers. Opportunities are provided for children to play together so they develop relationships with others. Fieldtrips are planned for all children to participate in and transportation is accessible to all. We offer sensory toys for children to use during large and small groups activities and we purchase developmentally specific toys to meet the needs of all children in the program. We have also added additional rooms on our permit for children to use when they need a private, quieter space to work and play in.


We speak to each family every day and share information regarding their time at the centre. Parents with children who have additional support needs are encouraged to sit on the Board of Directors. We attend individual program plan meetings with the parents of the children with additional support needs. We work closely with teachers, Speech and Language Pathologists, Behavioral Therapists, Child Development Counselors and other professional involved with the children and goals are planned and decided upon together. During monthly staff meetings goals are reviewed and discussed so that all staff is made aware of them and staff are required and encouraged to complete a number of professional development hours each year. Many of these hours are devoted to inclusion principles and practices