Inspired by Wonder Inc (formerly known as Robertson Early Enrichment Program) original site is in Robertson School. This location is a licensed, subsidized, non-profit program dedicated to providing quality care for children aged 4 to 12 in the Point Douglas community.

We were established in September 2004, as parents within the North End Point Douglas community were concerned at the lack of care available to them. The program was created to provide quality, affordable care for children between the ages of four to twelve.

In October 2012 we were selected as the successful candidate to expand our program into the new SSCY centre. The new location opened in July 2016. We were very excited about this opportunity and working with the other co locating organizations. It is not difficult to see the commitment of members within the community dedicated to the success of our program. The Board of Directors consists of many parents whose children are in the program. It also receives volunteer support from the School Principal, Vice-Principal, and many others. They have contributed countless hours for a program they believe is necessary and should become a staple of their community.