Core Values


Building relationships with the children, families, educators, and within our community is truly the foundation of our program. We build our relationships with the children in our program each and every day by documenting their learning, enjoyment and experiences and by fostering their developing skills to become caring and responsible citizens. We recognize that parents are the experts of their children, therefore we value the partnership we create with our families and any input they have regarding their development. We view our Educators as researchers as they listen, observe, reflect and record children’s play. We believe in creating and maintaining partnerships within our community and we are committed to ensuring these relationships are respectful, nurturing, caring, honest , and equitable for all.

Life Long Learning

As part of our commitment to children, our educators receive support to pursue lifelong learning opportunities. We commit ourselves to our own professional and personal growth to better meet the needs of all children in our program. We strive to live fully by our motto “A community learning and growing together”!

Well Being

There is joy and playfulness within our work we do each day .The children, families and educators safety will always remain our first priority. We reflect on our processes often to achieve a healthy environment for all. We care about the whole, overall health of everyone affiliated within our program.


We value diversity and welcome children and families into every aspect of our program. We work cooperatively with families to support the development and needs of their children. We encourage and value parental participation and their feedback our program through daily conversations, scheduled meetings and by sharing our observations of their children’s time in the centre. We continue to strive to be an inclusive childcare program, as we believe it will benefit all children, families and educators and the community as a whole.


We are committed to fostering effective communication which is cooperative and collaborative. We welcomed all perspectives and points of view respectively. How we communicate with one another is essential to our program and we will contrive to endeavor to provide great communication between our families, children, educators and other partnerships in which we associate.