Fees (SSCY)

Child care fees are invoiced four (4) weeks in advance of child care services. The billing periods do not follow a monthly schedule. Invoices will be sent via email or delivered to parent mailboxes approximately one week before fees are due. The amount is due within the first week of the billing period.

Child Care Fees:

$10.00 per day infant care (children 12 weeks- 2 years)
$10.00 per day full day preschool care(children 2-5 years)

Fees are charged for each day the child is scheduled to attend, regardless of absence from the program.

Fees can be paid by Electronic Funds Transfer (also known as ‘direct debit’). There is a fee of $1.50 for the EFT transaction that will be added to you invoice. Alternatively, fees can be paid by cheque or money order. A NSF fee of $50 will be charged for returned cheques or declined EFT payments.

Key Cards

We are a secure building with our doors being locked at all times. All parents attending our program will need to purchase a key card which will be refundable when returned. Your device will be active from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m, Monday through Friday. Should you need to deactivate a device for any reason just let us know and we will deactivate it right away. For those who do not have a key card (someone on your pick up list who only comes periodically) they will need to press the door bell/ video intercom system and a staff member will let them in.
If a key card is lost or stolen, it must be reported to the Executive or Assistant Director right away. Lost key cards shall result in a $15 cost to the individual (damaged key cards will be replaced at no charge).


Families who are unable to meet the cost of childcare may apply for financial assistance through the Manitoba Government Daycare Subsidy Program. Subsidy applications are available from the Child Day Care Office, at our Child Care, or on their website, www.gov.mb.ca/childcare.

Application forms need to be submitted to the following address on or before the start date at:

Provincial Services Child Care Subsidy program
102 – 114 Garry Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 1G1

In addition, it is the family’s responsibility to notify their subsidy clerk of any changes to their subsidy information (i.e. Address, marital status, income, reason for service, termination of employment/education status). Families will be charged the full rate of care until we receive notification of approval.

For re-applications of subsidy, it is the parent’s responsibility to re-apply prior to their subsidy expiring.Parents will be invoiced the full amount of childcare fees, if confirmation of the re-approval has not been received in our office before the subsidy expires. If a subsidized family exceeds their allowable absent days, they will be invoiced the full amount of childcare fees.


Receipts are issued for income tax purposes. There are no refunds available for fees already paid, however any overpayment of fees will be credited on your account for the next billing period. During the last week in February, you will be electronically sent a copy of your income tax receipt. A printed copy can be given upon request.


Two weeks written notice must be given when you withdraw your child or children from our Centre. If less notice is given, you will be required to pay for two weeks. This is to ensure we have sufficient time to fill the space vacated by your child. If your account is in good standing you may decide at this time to apply the deposit that was provided at the time of enrollment to your account or have the deposit refunded.

Statutory Holidays

Below is a complete list of the Statutory Holidays observed by the Centre.

New Year’s Day (January)
Louis Riel Day (February)
Good Friday (March/April)
Easter Monday (March/April)
Victoria Day (May)
Canada Day (July)
Terry Fox Day (August)
Labor Day (September)
Thanksgiving Day (October)
Remembrance Day (November)
Christmas Day (December)
Boxing Day (December)

If a Holiday falls on a weekend, the centre has the option to close another day in lieu of that day.